Sustainability in hospitals with MediQapp digital innovation

Health systems in developed countries support the implementation of digital innovations in their hospitals

Unique and innovative features - guarantee exceptional results.

MediQapp (www.mediqapp.ro) is short for Medical Quality Application and is a comprehensive IT system that helps public or private hospitals, clinics and medical practices in the integrated management and management of remote Healthcare Quality Services for Quality Management, Risk Management (the entire Internal Management Control System) and Accreditation of the National Authority for Quality Management in Healthcare (ANMCS), with the possibility of centralization at Healthcare network level and scalability in countries whose accreditation complies with ISQua requirements.

National and international consultancy

Our mission is to provide our experience, knowledge, and innovation to offer solutions tailored to the needs of our national and international customers. We approach new areas and markets for our products, taking into account all the potential contributions of our business partners, and promoting national and especially international collaborative relationships.

Research and development, scientific performance

Basic, theoretical, and experimental scientific research, combined with elements of innovation, plays an essential role in the development and sustainable progress of genuine values. The synergetic convergence of specific research activities is an important factor in enhancing the added value created through the ability to accumulate advanced knowledge from different fields.

MediQapp - medical innovation of excellence

We can guarantee you using MediQapp the best result in ANMCS and ISQua accreditations. The concept is based on state-of-the-art technology, which brings hospitals benefiting from personalized accounts the most sustainable catalyst between data availability, information quality, and usefulness. It drives decision-makers towards success, has effective solutions, and owns all the elements of performance toward Healthcare Excellence.

GREEN HOSPITAL concept implemented before others in România

The IT system has the ability to undo most paper evidence and prioritize the first step hospitals take toward the Green Hospital concept. 

MediQapp digitization in your hospital

It is vital for the sustainability of the healthcare system that hospitals now adopt long-term plans for digital transformation. Data accessibility facilitates interoperability for the benefit of the doctor/patient/family.

E-learning and E-health support colleagues in making the right medical decisions

Hospital practitioners train their thinking for quality through E-learning and through MediQapp's automated simplifications, through modules accessed from the comfort of one's own home, every doctor becomes a better colleague.

Productivity doubled by time saved for the benefit of doctor and patient

ANMCS Accreditation Preparation and Commission/Committee meetings are minimized by specific automation. No more working group meetings and tasks on your own!

Who we are?

As a consequence of more than 18 years of experience in providing tailored solutions for added value, we started the digitization of quality management of public and private hospitals and clinics in Romania, providing hospitals with MediQApp - a software innovation of national and international interest.

Plus the value of the MediQapp solution is the modelling capability for any ISQua member country in MVP and Start-up business format.

The new MediQapp release is unrivaled and is the result of a team of top professionals in scientific research, medical malpractice consulting, and healthcare management, together with our IT developers.