Calitakropolis Services

Internal/clinical audits

Calitakropolis provides internal/clinical pre-certification/pre-accreditation audit services (including additional clinical audit assignments) to prepare the healthcare organization for the ANMCS certification/ accreditation audit.

Consultancy in integrated management systems

International management standards are structured in such a way that they allow for an integrated approach, each based on similar principles and structures. An integrated management system enables optimal strategic and operational decisions to be taken, taking into account all the essential aspects of effective operation.

Preparation of ANMCS and ISQua accreditations

From the need for healthcare facilities to manage excessive processing and limit it to ANMCS accreditation requirements, the MediQapp software system optimizes preparation through outstanding automation. MediQapp guarantees the best result as the application saves the hospital from possible failure at the time of ANMCS checks/controls/accreditation.

General and clinical risk assessment and analysis

The assessment of risks requires an upgrade of the management style from corrective to reactive to identify and mitigate these risks. This facilitates the achievement of set objectives, ensuring the basic conditions for sound internal management control.

Intellectual property guaranteed

Intellectual property rights guarantee the security of the intellectual effort made by the beneficiary collective. Through a right of use received in partnership from Calitakropolis, OSIM protection places the beneficiaries of our services among the most appreciated companies/ health facilities.

Digitised procedure

Top-notch medical regulation carried out remotely complies with current legislative requirements and ANMCS accreditation standards. Depending on the complexity of the process described, the digital approach succeeds in creating original content, representative of the beneficiary healthcare facility.

Online training

Efficient integration of all staff can be managed online via MediQapp. The main objective is focused training towards the best understanding. Tools are customized according to the profile of the target group and/or the level of training of the participants.

MediQapp virtual library

In the MediQapp intranet, customized procedures can be identified in the shortest possible time, from the start of the design by the working group to the use of the final product in current activities. Each user has at hand both documentation and forms, as well as regular reports and analyses optimally managed within the online structure.

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